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Wildlife Awareness, is an exciting new adventure of Heidi Cooper-Berry

 Wildlife is fascinating in so many ways.. and has long been a passion of mine, and one day I woke up wanting to share my journey with Wildlife that was the day Wildlife Awareness (WA) was born.
I hope that WA will grow into a great resource, which will enable us to have a greater understanding of our Wildlife, their habitats and the ways in which everyone can help. 

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I am extremely overwhelmed with the positive response I have received!


Among the feedback forms some ideas of interest on how to develop the site have been…

  • Info on wildlife friendly gardens
  • Jobs in wildlife
  • Links to web cams
  • Info on what the government are doing to help maintain our wildlife
  • Facts about Wildlife
  • Forum for people to join up for similar events

All of which I shall look into, and hopefully develop!

Current projects,

Help Wanted – Can YOU Help? Here is a list of Help wanted by Wildlife organisations.

Events & Conference dates – Find out what wildlife activities are happening – Get Involved!

Wildlife Courses - Information on courses - When & where. 

Info on Wildlife Organisations:  My favourite sites! Find out information on charities and individuals working with wildlife. Find contact information if you would like to become involved, or perhaps you’re doing a similar project and would like to swap data.  

My Blog! Read about my excitement and frustrations with Wildlife!  

If you like to share any information, or if you have any ideas of what you would like to see on this website, please fill out the Feedback Form, or contact by email

As you can see this is an ongoing project and I am limited on my time resources, so please be patient. My dream is to expand so that there is something of interest for everyone who is either working with wildlife or has a general interest.


Thank you and please visit again, and watch the progress!

 Site Created: 22nd March 2005                                                            Site last updated: 23rd June 2007