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Date: 22nd March 2005

Hi ya,

My name is Heidi Cooper-Berry. Here is a brief introduction to myself, and how all this started…

I’m 27, and I am currently working towards a career change from Financial Accountant, to a Vet! Mad, well that probably sums me up. I’m the Bridget Jones of the Animal world! I have a knack of doing things backwards, I had a mortgage at 20, and now I’m renting and studying A level Chemistry and Biology.

My love for life in general, started from an early age, visits to my Nan used to involve some kind of creation, from growing the ends of carrots on tissue and watching them shoot, (and disappointingly end up rotting away!) and talking endlessly on her love of badgers. My Nan inspired me and encouraged me to dream and many times I was caught talking to myself, where I was in the middle of an adventure! from being a fairy in the garden or being an ant and being able to go down deep into the earth! Of course I’ve stopped that now.....  ;-) 

However I did try to grow up, got myself a normal job, a house, and a rat, Magic! I was still happy, but I knew that I wanted more. I was made redundant 3 years ago, and even though at the time, it was a very unhappy period for me, mainly due to my Nan's passing away and shortly after Magic's too. I look back and realise that was the greatest turning point in my life. That was when I took a look at myself and said STOP, I want to change things. I moved, got another job as an accountant, and slowly I have been gaining the confidence in myself that I can achieve what I dream, and I still have time to be a vet! Of course, now though it’s not as easy as when you're 18, with no bills and no responsibility. Having to learn the skill of learning has been interesting and a skill in itself! But I want this so much nothing will stop me.

Wildlife Awareness all started due to my frustrations, I have a passion for wildlife, but to be honest, even my basic knowledge is lacking. I couldn’t tell you what bird made that noise, nor could I say who left that footprint. The web is great, but it takes a lot of time to actually find what you’re after. While searching the net I realised that there are so many ordinary people doing amazing things, and I wanted to know more… and I wanted to share. I know there are many people who feel like I do, who want to protect the simplest thing, but the most delicate of balances, that is Earth and everything that benefits from it.

Last but not certainly least, I want to Thank Everyone, who has helped me along the way, and there are just too many, to individually name but you all know who you are! and Thank you, to you for supporting me in visiting this website! I have been amazed at the response I am receiving, I now realise that Wildlife Awareness isn’t a project I will ever finish! And nor do I complain!