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  • Bumblebee Identification
  • Bat Walks – London Bat Group
  • A close encounter with wolves
  • Essex badger watch
  • Photography workshop at Wildwood
  • Seal watching at Herne Bay
  • Hertfordshire badger watch
  • Cheshire Badger-Watch
  • Suffolk badger watch
  • Badgers and glow worms in Cornwall
  • Butterfly walk in Briddlesford Woods
  • Osprey cruise
  • Bees and bugs at Briddlesford Woods
  • Prickles Hedgehog Haven
  • Lesser horseshoe bats in North Devon
  • Bats in Woodchester Mansion
  • Dragonflies & DamselfliesWildlife on your doorstep
  • School Holiday Activities at Hoar Park Farm.
  • Pond Dipping & Bug HuntingWildlife on your doorstep
  • Hawkers and darters
  • Balranald otter walk
  • Wildlife craft activities
  • Bats & beyond Guided walk, West Sussex
  • Red Deer at dusk Watching wildlife, Lancashire
  • Go bats at VaneTalk, Perth & Kinross
  • Nightjars Guided walk, Suffolk
  • Puffin fun weekend, Anglesey
  • Night creatures Guided walk, West Sussex
  • Birds for beginners Guided walk, Bedfordshire
  • Seabirds and sea mammals Watching wildlife, Shetland
  • Symonds Yat rock Watching wildlife, Bristol
  • Wildlife trips on the Scillonian lll Watching wildlife, Cornwall
  • Meet the voles Greater London
  • Owls for beginners Talk, West Sussex

5 Jul 2007* - Bumblebee Garden Day. Take a fascinating look inside a truly inspirational garden and learn about the flowers that help attract bumblebees to your garden – Penge, London. From 2-4pm. Tel: Marc Carlton on 0208 6595674

6 Jul 2007* - A guided tour around Shorne Wood Country Park with a bumblebee expert – nr Rochester, Kent. From 2-4pm. Tel: 01474 823800

7 Jul 2007* - Bumblebee Garden Day. A second chance to take a fascinating look inside a truly inspirational garden and learn about the flowers that help attract bumblebees to your garden – Penge, London. From 2-4pm. Tel: Marc Carlton on 0208 6595674

TBC* - Bumblebee live show at the Natural History Museum! Explore, discover and discuss about bumblebees with Buglife in a live show hosted at the museum. There will also be a special broadcast from the wildlife garden and a 'look behind the scenes' with the museum's collection of bumblebees - For more details, visit Two sessions at 12:30pm and 2:30pm. [Also, watch it live on the internet].

21 Jul 2007* - Basic Bumblebee identification workshop – Mitcham Common Ecology Centre, London. From 10am-2pm. Tel: Martin Boyle on 0208 2880453

28 Jul 2007* - Basic Bumblebee identification workshop – Holland Park Ecology Centre, London. From 12-4pm. Tel: Matthew Rose on 0207 4719809

Wednesday July 11th & 26th, bat walk in Regents Park, starting at 9pm. Book through The Regent's Park and Primrose Hill, The Park Office, The Storeyard, Inner Circle, Regent's Park, London NW1 4NR, or telephone 020 7486 7905.

Friday July 20th, Batty Boat Ride! Join members of the London Bat Group on the Regents Canal at Little Venice. Boat departs from a Paddington mooring at 9pm, and returns at 11pm. Advance booking essential: call 020 8974 6670 to book and confirm pickup point. Tickets are £15.

Saturday July 21st, The Pete Guest Memorial Bat Walk with John Tovey. Wimbledon Common, meet at Windmill car park 9 pm. Organised by LWT Merton Group. For bookings, contact Dr Stephen Frank on 0208 946 2784.


Mammals Trust (MTUK)

Location: , South Shropshire

Cost: £25.00 supporter, non-supporter £30

Sunday 1st July, 2007  

Sunday 8th July, 2007 

Wolf Watch UK is dedicated to the conservation of wolves.

Leader - Tony Haighway is the director of Wolf Watch UK and its rescue centre.

Itinerary - Beginning at 2.00pm with an introductory talk, you will be taken on a guided walk through the valley during which you will meet the resident wolves. The tour highlight is an opportunity to stroke those wolves that are habituated to humans. All contact is undertaken at your own risk. The event will finish by 4.30pm.

NB: No dogs or video cameras will be allowed.


Mammals Trust (MTUK)

Location: Benfleet, Essex

Cost: £18.00 supporter £22 non-supporter


Thursday 19th July, 2007   

Friday 20th July, 2007


Don Hunford has been watching badgers for 50 years. In 1957 he began watching a sett near Benfleet and over the years became increasingly worried as he saw property development slowly surrounding the sett. In 1963 he was able to buy a house right next to the sett, which enabled him to keep a close eye on it, and to watch the badgers more regularly. He built a hide beside the sett and the badgers have now become so used to him that they take food from his hands.

Itinerary  - You will meet at Don’s house about an hour before sunset. The watch will last approximately two hours.


Mammals Trust (MTUK)

Location: Herne Bay, Kent

Cost: £65.00 supporter, £75 non-supporter (lunch not included)

Sunday 8th July, 2007

Spend the day in the company of a professional wildlife photographer learning expert hints, tips and techniques to capture that perfect wildlife image. Your setting is the Wildwood Trust, which has a wonderful collection of British mammals, including pine martens, red squirrels, badgers, otters and wild boar. All the animals live in large, natural enclosures in an ancient oak woodland.

Leader - Vic Sharratt is a widely respected freelance photographer.

Itinerary - The workshop will start at 10.00am and continue until 3.00pm, with a break for lunch. You will need to bring your own camera, but extra equipment can be provided on request.


Mammals Trust (MTUK)

Location: Herne Bay, Kent

Cost: £20.00 supporter, £24 non-supporter

Sunday 8th July, 2007

This is a wonderful opportunity to see a common seal herd in its natural environment. We will sail on the open yacht ‘Wildlife’ from Herne Bay to a sandbank, where we can watch the seals swimming and sunbathing. We have arranged the trip to coincide with the time when pups are born, so we will hope to see some new arrivals! We may also spot some grey seals.

Leader - Mike Turner is the skipper of ‘Wildlife’ .

Itinerary -  You will meet between 10.00am and 11.30am (dependent on tide times) for the cruise. It will take two hours to reach the sandbank, where we will spend one hour watching the seals. There will then be a further two hour sail back to shore.


Mammals Trust (MTUK)

Location: Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

Cost: £16.00 supporter, £20 non-supporter

Wednesday 18th July, 2007

The Hertfordshire and Middlesex Badger Group has set up a badger-watching hide in an old stable block, from where you can also frequently see foxes and muntjac deer. The badger sett is on the opposite side of a field to the hide. However, the badgers regularly trot across the field to enjoy the food put out for them in front of the hide. There is time-sensitive lighting outside the hide, so you can easily watch the badgers’ nightly activities after dark.

Leader - Audrey Randall is a leading member of the Hertfordshire and Middlesex Badger Group.

Itinerary - You will meet at 8.30pm and the watch will finish by 11.00pm.



Mammals Trust (MTUK)

Location: Frodsham, Cheshire

Cost: £17.00 supporter, £21 non-supporter

Thursday 19th July, 2007

In addition to providing care for sick and injured badgers, the Wirral and Cheshire Badger Group also investigates building proposals in an effort to protect badger habitats from encroaching development. Its members also monitor and record badger setts. The sett for this badger-watch is home to four badgers which, along with their two cubs, gave hours of enjoyment to all visitors last year.

Leader - Brian Rhodes is a leading member of the Wirral and Cheshire Badger Group and has been watching badgers at this sett for 20 years.

Itinerary -  You will meet Brian in the early evening for a badger watch that will last approximately two hours. There is no hide at this watch.


Mammals Trust (MTUK)

Location: Ashbocking, Suffolk

Cost: £15.00 supporter, £19 non-supporter

Friday 6th July, 2007

In 1997 the Suffolk Wildlife Trust set up this comfortable hide at the top of a bank overlooking a badger sett. There is a microphone over the sett so that the badgers may be heard as well as seen. They have a surprisingly diverse repertoire of calls that range from irritated ‘geckers’ to warning barks and shrill ‘whinnies’. The badgers are not fed regularly. However, nuts will be provided in front of the hide before the watch to tempt the badgers close.

Leader - A member of the Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Itinerary - The badger-watch is likely to start at 7.30pm, and will finish by 10.30pm.



Mammals Trust (MTUK)

Location: Bude, Cornwall

Cost: £16.00 supporter, £20 non-supporter

Saturday 7th July, 2007  

Trevigue is a working farm with a difference. It is managed in a highly sensitive manner in order to encourage the greatest biodiversity possible. There are 10 active badger setts on the farm, and you may also see glow-worms, roe deer, tawny owls and greater horseshoe bats during the evening.

Leader - Francis Crocker, the manager of Trevigue, succeeds in managing his farm both for conservation and as a viable commercial business.

Itinerary - Francis will meet you at 9.00pm for a guided walk. The watch will last around two hours. If you would like to stay the night, the farm offers comfortable accommodation and excellent catering (please phone us for details).

Mammals Trust (MTUK)

Location: Wootton Bridge, Isle of Wight

Cost: £6.00 supporter, £10 non-supporter

Saturday 14th July, 2007  

There are over 60 species of butterfly in Britain; half of these are in decline in many areas. The semi-natural ancient woodland at Briddlesford is managed carefully to ensure that the woodland species that are found there thrive. Opening up rides and coppicing the woodland creates the open, sunny clearings that butterflies require. Our walk is timed to see the butterflies at their most active, and we hope to spot a range of species including the silver-washed fritillary, marbled white, small skipper and purple hairstreak as we stroll through the woodlands.

Leader - Andrew Brookes of the Butterfly Conservation Society.

Itinerary - You will meet at 11:30am for our guided walk, which will last for approximately one and a half hours.

Mammals Trust (MTUK)

Location: Rutland Water, Rutland

Cost: £22.00 supporter, £26 non-supporter

Saturday 14th July, 2007

Rutland Water is one of only two places in England where ospreys can regularly be seen and now you can get even closer on a cruise aboard the ‘Rutland Belle’. During the cruise we hope to get very close views of ospreys as they search for fish and, quite possibly, see them catch one!

Leader - Tim Mackrill manages the Rutland Osprey Project.

Itinerary -  You will meet at 2.30pm for an introductory talk about the osprey project and a look around the site. At 5.00pm we will make our way to the boat, which will take us on a one and a half hour cruise around the reservoir.


Mammals Trust (MTUK)

Location: Wootton Bridge, Isle of Wight

Cost: £6.00 supporter, £10 non-supporter

Sunday 15th July, 2007

You will take a walk with our enthusiastic guide, Matt Smith, to investigate the invertebrate fauna of our reserve. The walk will take us to a range of habitats including hedgerows and open fields to see what we can find. Using a variety of trapping devices including nets, tubes and bug jars we will be able to inspect these creatures closely, and learn all about their ecology and behaviour.

Leader - Matt Smith is a consultant ecologist with an excellent knowledge of invertebrate fauna.

Itinerary -  You will meet at 11:00am to begin the walk, which will last for two and a half hours. There will be breaks to inspect any specimens we catch.


Mammals Trust (MTUK)

Location: Hayes, Keny

Cost: £18.00 supporter, £22 non-supporter

Wednesday 25th July, 2007   

A once familiar visitor to gardens, the perennially popular hedgehog is one of Britain’s best-loved mammals. However, the results of a recent survey, co-ordinated by MTUK, suggest that their numbers may well be in decline in certain parts of the country. Prickles Hedgehog Haven started with five orphan hedgehogs, and since then has continued to grow. A new room was built in 1994 and Prickles now cares for about 100 rescued and injured hedgehogs every year.

Leader - Mavis Righini set up Prickles Hedgehog Haven in 1985.

Itinerary -  You will meet at 3.00pm and after an introductory talk, Mavis will take us to meet the hedgehogs she is currently rehabilitating. The event will finish by 5.00pm.



Mammals Trust (MTUK)

Location: Nr Bideford, Devon

Cost: £15.00 supporter, £19 non-supporter

Saturday 28th July, 2007  

Lesser horseshoe bats are one of Britain’s smallest mammals; when their wings are folded they are about the size of a plum! We will visit a breeding roost in a large country house, surrounded by mature trees where the bats forage for their evening meal. Over 300 individuals have been counted here before and we will listen to them as they emerge using bat detectors.

Leader - Janice Whittington is a Natural England Bat Warden.

Itinerary -  You will meet at 6.00pm for a presentation on bat ecology and the different species, followed by a visit to a large lesser horseshoe roost, to watch the bats emerging. The event will finish at about 11.00pm.


Mammals Trust (MTUK)

Location: Stroud, Gloucestershire

Cost: £15.00 supporter, £19 non-supporter

Tuesday 31st July, 2007  

Woodchester Mansion is a beautiful 19th century masterpiece which was never completed. It is home to 5% of the UK population of greater horseshoe bats, a species whose population has declined by over 90% in the last century. There are also large numbers of lesser horseshoe and pipistrelle bats.

Leader - Roger Ransome has studied greater horseshoe bats at this site since 1959.

Itinerary - You will meet at 6.00pm for a tour of the mansion and a visit to the bat exhibition room where you can watch the bats on CCTV. After refreshments you will go outside to watch the bats emerging from their roosts. The visit will finish at about 10.30pm. There is a 15 minute walk from the car park to the mansion.

A chance to look at things around us that we rarely see, and yet can easily be found on our own doorsteps.

Saturday 7th July

2.00pm - 4.00pm

Dragons and Damsels of Hoar Park Farm

Hoar Park Craft Centre, Ansley, we are not looking for real Dragons or Damsels in distress, but at some of the Dragonflies and Damselflies that can be found locally.  We shall be looking at a variety of habitats, catching and identifying some of the varied species that can be found, before releasing them back into the wild.

This event is suitable for the whole family.

Light refreshments will be provided. 

Bookings can be made by phoning 07811 403713

Tickets £4.00 each.

10.00am - 4.00pm

Cost per child per day: £10.00
(2 hour drop in sessions are available, 10.00am - 12.00noon and 2.00pm - 4.00pm, cost per child per 2 hour session is £6.00 - children cannot be left between 12 noon and 2.00pm in drop in sessions)As well as the normal family activities, we provide holiday activity days for children (and parents if they wish to attend).  The activity days are centred around the Nature Study Days and may include such activities as Bird Watching, Nature Walks, Pond Dipping, Bug Hunting, Plant Identification, Map Reading, The Farm, Den Building, Kite making and flying, Treasure Hunts, Nature Art, Arts and Crafts, Hikes and much more*.

New for our summer programme, is an opportunity to meet some real wild animals, thanks to Warwickshire Wildlife Rescue who will be coming along on a Tuesday morning with a variety of different wildlife.

Activities are run by experienced leaders who are CRB checked.

All the holiday activities are based at Hoar Park Farm

Lunch is NOT PROVIDED but they do provide soft, drinks and snacks.

Places are strictly limited so please book early to guarantee a place

* Activities advertised are dependant on weather conditions and also the abilities of children attending the sessions.  We reserve the right to alter the program of events without prior notice. 

Activities and Dates

Minibeast Mania:  Mondays; 23rd July, 13th & 20th August
Wicked Wildlife: Tuesdays; 24th July, 7th, 14th & 21st August
Funtastic Farm;:  Wednesdays; 25th July, 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd August
Funky Flora; Thursdays, 26th July, 9th, 16th, 23rd August
Treasure Trek; Fridays, 27th July & 17th August
Play Day; Fridays, 10th and 24th August

 A chance to look at things around us that we rarely see, and yet can easily be found on our own doorsteps.

Saturday 28th July

2.00pm - 4.00pm

Pond Dipping and Bug Hunting

Hoar Park Farm, Ansley, Nr Nuneaton.

This 2 hour course will follow an investigative approach looking at a wide variety of animal life which often goes unnoticed.  You shall be bug hunting in a variety of habitats including grassland and woodland, and pond dipping in a local pond and brook for invertebrates and amphibians.

This event is suitable for the whole family, but please bring/wear wellington boots.

Bookings can be made by phoning 07811 403713

Tickets £4.00 each.

Guided walk, Stirling

Join expert dragonfly surveyors Betty Smith and Lesley Fairweather to discover the amazing world of dragonflies and damselflies. Help to catch and identify these fantastic insects around the ponds of Argaty. An easy walk, but bring wellies. Booking recommended.

Dates - Sunday 15 July

Location - Argaty Red Kite Project, Follow Brown tourist signs from the A820 (Dunblain to Doune road)

Time - 10.30 am-2 pm

Price - £4 Adults, £2 children, £10 family (Free afternoon visit to hide included in the price.)

Enquiries - 01786 841373

Guided walk, Lochaber, Skye & Lochalsh

Join us for a morning's walk, learning about the wildlife of North Uist and hopefully gaining a glimpse of otters as they search the shoreline and play in the surf. Booking is essential. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Wednesday 4 July
Wednesday 11 July
Wednesday 18 July
Wednesday 25 July

Location - Langass Lodge Hotel, Locheport, North Uist. From Lochmaddy, take the A867 heading west for 10 km/6 miles. Langass Lodge is first left. From South Uist, take the A865 north until the junction at Clachan. Take the A867 to Lochmaddy for 3 km/2 miles and the second turn on the right for Langass Lodge. Grid ref: NF839651

Time - 10 am

Price - £2 for RSPB members, £4 for non-members

Enquiries - 01876 560287

Hands-on activity, Caithness & Sutherland

Make a puffin mobile or a soaring eagle and create your own dazzling dragonfly or cork millipede. Learn about dolphins, or make your own stained glass window sea creature. Lots of fun wildlife crafts for children of all ages. Booking is advised as places are limited. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Monday 2 July
Monday 9 July
Monday 16 July
Monday 23 July
Monday 30 July

Location - Assynt Visitor Centre, Main Street, Lochinver.

Time  - 2 pm to 4 pm

Price - Donations welcome

Enquiries 01571 844374

Following on from An Introduction to Bats, the Sussex Bat Group returns for a more in depth look at the exciting world of bats, again taking you onto the reserve in search of them. Booking essential, torch essential.

Dates - Wednesday 4 July

Location - Pulborough Brooks Nature Reserve, Wiggonholt, Pulborough, West Sussex

Time - 8 pm-10.30 pm

Price RSPB Members, Friends of Pulborough Brooks and Wildlife Explorers £5; non-members £10

Enquiries - 01798 875851

Evening is the best time to see red deer on the reserve. Children welcome, but must be accompanied by an adult.

Thursday 5 July
Thursday 12 July
Thursday 19 July
Thursday 26 July

Location - RSPB Leighton Moss Reserve

Time - 7.30-9.30 pm

Price - Non-members Adults £4.50, children £2, family £9. RSPB members: Adults £2, children £1, family £4 (includes entry to nature trails for the day). FREE if you travel by public transport or bike.

Enquiries - 01524 701601

 As part of National Mammals Week, join our warden for an entertaining evening including a slide show, chat and a search for bats with a bat detector. We will also hope to look at some of their nocturnal prey, the moths of Vane Farm.   

Dates - Thursday 5 July

Location - RSPB Vane Farm

Time - 9 pm-late

Price - Adults: £4 members, £5 non-members. Children: £3 wex members, £4 non-members.

Enquiries - 01577 862355

 Join us on a magical walk to find the mysterious nightjar, flitting low over the heath or 'churring' from a songpost. You will need your insect repellent and a torch to light the way back to your car afterwards.

Booking essential

Friday 6 July

Location - RSPB Minsmere nature reserve. Meet at the visitor centre, then we will drive to the heath to start the walk.

Time 9 pm

Price Adults £5, RSPB members £4, children £2.50, RSPB Wildlife Explorers £2

Telephone: 01728 648281

 An exciting weekend of the puffin themed events at Ellins Tower, with face painting, mask making and free competitions.  Bring along a puffin drawing for our gallery and you might win a prize.  We might even show you a real, live puffin!


Saturday 7 July
Sunday 8 July

Location - RSPB South Stack

Time - 10 am-5.30 pm

Price - Free

01407 764973

Moths, deer, foxes and bats - they all roam the brooks at night. Join an RSPB warden and have a look for some of these fantastic nocturnal beasts. Booking essential, torch essential.


Wednesday 11 July
Tuesday 17 July

Location - Pulborough Brooks Nature Reserve Wiggonholt, Pulborough, West Sussex

Time - 8.30 pm-11 pm

Price - RSPB Members, Friends of Pulborough Brooks and Wildlife Explorers £6; non-members £11

01798 875851

 If you are flummoxed by finches, or feel thwarted by thrushes, then this could be the event for you!  Pick up tips on getting to know common birds.

Sunday 15 July

Location - RSPB The Lodge Nature Reserve, Potton Road, Sandy, Bedfordshire.

Time - 10 am

Price - Adults £3, children £2 - £1 discount for RSPB members

Enquiries 01767 680541

RSPB staff will be on hand, with binoculars and telescopes, to help show you the seabirds and any marine life around Sumburgh Head.

Dates - Sunday 29 July

Location - Sumburgh Head nature reserve. Take A970 south past junction to Airport (road is single track at this point). There is a sharp right at Grutness, keep on this road until you reach the car parking area.

Time - 10 am-4 pm

Price - Free

RSPB Shetland Office 01950 460800

Just a short drive from Bristol, RSPB staff and volunteers are on site to help you see and learn more about the peregrines that nest at Symonds Yat rock, on the edge of the Forest of Dean.

All of July

Location - Symonds Yat Rock

Time - For full information contact RSPB

Price - Free

Enquiries - RSPB Central England Regional Office on 01295 253330

Join one of our guides for a return trip to look for gannets, guillemots and other seabirds on board the Scillonian lll as it crosses to the island of St Mary’s, part of the Isles of Scilly. Departs Penzance 9.15 am (crossing time 2 hour 40 mins) - return sailing departs 4.30 pm. RSPB membership number must be quoted at time of booking to obtain the special discount price. Contact Isles of Scilly Travel.

All of July

Location - Departs Penzance to the island of St Mary's, part of the Isles of Scilly.

Time - Departs Penzance 9.15 am return sailing departs 4.30 pm.

Price - discount price of £18. Non discount price £36.

Enquiries 0845 715555

 A great opportunity to get close to some of the small mammals that live on the reserve. Rainham Marshes is a nationally important place for water voles, and our expert will give you a fascinating insight into the lives of these elusive creatures.

Dates - Sunday 1 July

Location - RSPB Rainham Marshes Nature Reserve

Time - 10 am-12 pm

Price - adults £5, RSPB members £3.50, children £2.50, Wildlife Explorers £1.50

Enquiries - 01708 899840

 Supper, followed by a talk to find out how owls live, how to identify them and where to find them, then a walk to look for signs of owls on the reserve. Booking Essential.

Saturday 14 July

Location - Pulborough Brooks Nature Reserve, Wiggonholt, Pulborough, West Sussex

Time - 6.15 pm-9.15 pm

Price - RSPB members, Friends of Pulborough Brooks and Wildlife Explorers £13; non-members £18

01798 875851